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Concepteur 3D en bijouterie-joaillerie

We can carry out your design in 3D in CAD on request or on drawing at your convenience

Definition and synthetic description of the profession

Definition of the profession

The 3D designer in jewelry and jewelry designs and produces, from the various supports provided (gouache drawing, photos, sketches, etc.), the computer technical files necessary for the production of prototype parts and jewelry-jewelry mock-up, while respecting aesthetic criteria and the technical and budgetary constraints of manufacture.

Summary description of the profession

  • Study and prepare the digital part model
    – Analyze and interpret the client’s request (internal / external) from the documents provided.
    – Make a first digital representation of the piece, reflecting the creative intention and respecting the feasibility constraints.
    – From visuals, make the various adjustments with the customer and finalize the part model.
    – If necessary, offer realistic renderings.
    – Organize work to ensure production within time and cost constraints, respecting quality and safety rules.
  • Make / have made a draft of the part model
    – Design and produce the computer files necessary for the edition of a rapid prototyping of the model (resins, wax, metal, others …).
    – Make and / or follow the impression of the part.
    – Validate the volumes and aesthetics of the draft parts.


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